Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Hope on a Windowsill

Hope on a Windowsill

We cower inside

wondering if it's possible

to breathe deep again

to hug and laugh

to eat and serve

to be proud of who we are

but still, I place

the stalk-end of celery

in a bit of water

on the windowsill

shaving the bottom

opening it's vascular system

to the potential quenching

of an unending thirst

and still, new shoots push up

toward the light

because the light calls to it

calls to us

offers hope

that even if the darkness reigns

for moments or years

the light is

the light calls

the light wins.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Upon ripening

Sometimes we get damaged during the process of our ripening. But that doesn't make us any less delicious.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Sex With God launches!

It's here! Sex With God is now available through all major retailers and independent booksellers. Or you can get signed copies from the author. Just send an email to for details.

The Where True Love Is website has more information about the book, and you can read a bit about launch timing here.

Now go check it out!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Jamie the Germ Slayer coloring sheets

I created the coloring and activity sheets below for people who need resources to keep kids busy during isolation. They are based on Dan Hayes' wonderful illustrations which are featured in my book titled Jamie the Germ Slayer. Hope they are helpful!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Jamie the Germ Slayer now available!

Jamie the Germ Slayer in a place called Little While is now available!

Here's the description:

Jamie doesn't like the changes taking place. Worried parents, school at home, and not seeing the Nanas is so alien that it seems almost like a different world. Mama weaves a story about a place called Little While, where Jamie becomes a germ-fighting super hero.

Jamie the Germ Slayer in a Place Called Little While helps kids process their new reality, and offers reminders about keeping safe and fighting the pandemic, together.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Coming Soon: Sex With God

My latest devotional is approaching lift off! 

This book is the companion of A Theology of Desire, so if you haven't gotten a copy of that one yet, you should definitely check it out.

On Orgasm

I'm editing a devotional titled Sex With God, and since beginning work on it, my Dolce has requested that I write a poem about orgasm. I finally did it, as a birthday gift.

And now I offer it to you, as well.

On Orgasm

My beloved asked
for a poem about orgasm
perhaps thinking my words
would summon memories
of fireworks exploding
or waves lapping shores
or hurricane forces, unleashed
but I think what is needed
is a sonnet to their softness
curving into my back
warm skin praying for me
as I slip into sleep.

Orgasm pulls us
away from our minds
into single points of being
incapable of thought
for a moment
every troubling thing
until awareness ebbs back
returning us
to where we began.

We need escape.
But what we need even more
is a beloved, like mine
curving warm against our backs
pouring their love
into our souls.

Jamie the Germ Slayer in a place called Little While

I've had a great distraction over the past week and a half. My Dolce discovered a contest offered by Emory University's Global Health Institute for developing a children's ebook related to COVID-19. (Click here to read more about our entry.) With the help of the clever and talented Dan Hayes, we created this book in about 9 days! The winner will be announced May 8, after which we'll be making the book available to the public. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 7, 2020

We Are Not Sisters

We drove from Missouri to Florida this past week, which required multiple stops in multiple states. This poem is a reflection on one of those stops.

We Are Not Sisters

We stopped for gas
on a winding Kentucky two-lane
beneath a canopy of Spanish moss
where winter-gray kudzu
awaited spring
to resume its consuming
of barns and buildings
trees and tension lines
anything vertical
a target for destruction.

Should we pretend we are sisters?
The vertical trajectory of our love
a threat
to the insidious increase of demands
about genitals
skin color
faith or lack of it
country of origin.

The gray-haired gas keep’s dialect
scared me;
its twang shocking
only a few hours from home.
He owned the place
and waited, bored
to assess those who entered.

Should we pretend we are sisters?

A young attendant also stood waiting
tongs ready to grasp
hotdogs and breakfast sandwiches
differently bored
straight black hair shining
brown skin surprising
in the vast whiteness.
So maybe it was silly
to ask the question:

Should we pretend we are sisters?

The women’s restroom
could service two
as long as you were close:
mother and toddler
aunt and niece
There were no stalls
two toilets perched
in vulnerable nakedness
on the pissy expanse of tile.

Should we pretend we are sisters?

Twin silver bullets were pulled up next door
gleaming beneath the draping moss 
horses hidden inside
grateful like us
for the reprieve from the road
but like us questioning
the safety of the stop
sniffing the air
and wondering.

Should we pretend we are sisters?

I small talked the gas keep
assessing the likeliness of his stance
on two women who were not sisters
and told him about the roadside rodeo
taking place next door.
“That’s my lot!” he said
annoyed that they’d encamped
without permission
then stomped off to check out the action.

Young people footworked
around the cracked pavement
spinning ropes above their cowboy hats
tossing them toward
a horned creature
made of aluminum
and blue fabric.
Capturing the thing with a swish
and a tug
while an older man tossed instructions.

“I guess they ain’t hurtin nothin.”
the gas keep said
hotdog youth watching
I went outside
and filled the tank.
eager to drive away
from a place where we had to wonder:

Should we pretend we are sisters?

A place where
white haired white men
issued rules
about how to best capture life
regulate truth
order the world
keep the universe from shaking apart
at threats like my wife and I
stopping to pee
and asking:

Should we pretend we are sisters?