Suzanne was a contributor to the Huffington Post, where she wrote about wide-ranging topics, from celebrity dogs to Christianity and LGBTQ issues.

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  1. Hi Ms. DeWitt Hall,
    I am Erin Swenson, and I cannot say that we have met. I am a trans Presbyterian minister and working on an online transgender pastoral care seminar with the Center for Innovative Ministry at San Francisco Theological Seminary. This is to be an interdenominational effort, and I found you while hunting for someone in the UMC who could help teach this seminar.

    Are you such a person, and would you be interested? Perhaps if you are we can chat by phone. BTW I love your writing!


    Erin Swenson

  2. Thanks so much for contacting me, Erin! I'm very interested in talking to you about this opportunity. I'm sorry it took me a while to see your comment! My email address is I'll click through your blogger profile to find your contact information. Take good care.


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