Last night's dream

I had a strange dream last night.

In it, I was being interrogated about an old book which happened to be in my possession. My interviewers asked about a variety of places that I'd not heard of. One of the locations was something like "Brockton".

Almost as soon as they spoke the name, I was in another place. A devastated place.

I stood on what I thought was an ocean beach, though there was no ocean, no water, no shoreline. The rough and rocky sand was littered with fist-sized cubes of what I thought were huge, dirty salt crystals. I looked away from where the water should have been to see decrepit homes along what normally would have been the shore. Seaside cottages and larger houses, their paint flaked off and the wood faded to colorlessness. The whole scene was of the same hue, nearly color free. Dark beige, dirt, sand. Nothing green, no sign of life. No humans, no animals, no plants.

Adjacent to one of the houses a dirt road climbed for what looked like miles up an unnaturally high hill or mountain. There was something about the road that made me very, very uncomfortable. Something was not right with it. It was alarming, but I couldn't tell why.

I looked back at the houses, and the ominous tone increased to a near sense of panic. I began to pray to be pulled back out of this place, and that DiDi help me return to where we were. Immediately I was back in the interrogation room.

It was a very strange sensation. Normally sudden shifts in dreams occur and somehow seem normal. You just accept the change of scene as something that happens. But this was different. I was intensely aware of the sudden transport into the unknown place, and the sudden return. I knew it to be a supernatural event that I didn't understand.

It was disturbing. And strange. I'm still trying to figure it out.