Help me Charlie!

Sometimes I wonder if I have too many writing ideas. Perhaps I should be more like my wire fox terrier, Charlie, who's single minded stubbornness is both frustrating and inspiring. Instead, I keep thinking of new things I'd like to write, meanwhile the existing projects get not enough attention, and take forever to finish.

Here's what I'm working on:
  • The Great American Novel
  • A "reluctant reader" middle grade chapter book for boys
  • Two magazine feature story pitches
  • Initial interviews and structuring of a biography pitch
  • Transformation of the Charlie picture book into a chapter book
  • Several blogs, none of which gets enough attention.
Hopefully my new writing schedule is going to help. I'm shipping myself off to the library every weekday and while there am committed to steering clear of social media and all things distracting. So far, the system is working well. Maybe I can actually cross some projects off the list, rather than just continuing to add new ones!