On Ships, and Whips, and Swinging Cats

The piece I wrote on being one of 238 writers who were simultaneously rejected via group email appeared in today's issue of the local newspaper:

Newburyport Daily News: Mass Rejection Via Email

DiDi, the best promotion person/assistant/BFF in history, submitted it while I wasn't paying attention. I doubt they'd run it in any other town, but in Newburyport you can't swing a dead cat around by the tail without hitting a writer, so the editors probably thought some of them would find it amusing.

(Now don't complain to me about the cat phrase. I didn't invent it. Rumor has it that it was originally used to refer to small ships, which were too narrow to effectively swing a "cat of nine tails" whip. This is a former shipping town, so it seemed to fit. On a related note, I'm surprised by how few dead cats there are here, given that it is a town in which cats roam so freely. But I digress.)

It's always fun to read your writing on something that you can pick up and hold, and that didn't come out of your own printer. And it seems to be picking up speed, this getting back into being published thing, after a few years hiatus.

Thank you DiDi. You rock.