Notes from a Typical Sunday

DiDi says she wants to see more randomness from me.

In writing that is.

She gets to see the many faces of Suzanne in and out of days, and I guess she thinks it would play well in type. Me, I'm not so sure, but I hear and obey. She is, after all, the finest, funniest, and bestest assistant I've ever had.

So let's see. Here are some random events from today:
  • I got a lot of pleasure from looking at the brown eggs we purchased at a local farm market the other day. I'd heard the color of the yolks should be more orange than supermarket versions, but I'm not sure I could see a difference.
  • The priest of the Episcopal church I've been attending thanked me for adopting a plaster Mary statue last week.
  • I ate a teaspoon of local honey, hoping to stave off the allergies that have been plaguing me for month. Let's see if this little trick works!
  • I am playing with different voices for my latest picture book... thinking of going sort of irreverent, wacky, and magical. Wonder if that's an achievable mix?
  • I've been pondering and researching whether there is a point in Christian history that we began being temples of the Holy Spirit.
  • I invited my college age son to PLEASE come visit me.
  • I talked DiDi into picking up the football pizza special at my place of employ, because I don't want to see it on a day I'm not working.
  • I spent an hour with two Jehovah's Witnesses, learning about the distinctives of their faith.
  • I baked cinammon rolls which I wish were like my Mom used to make. But aren't.
  • I kicked an empty Bisquick Light box around the apartment with Charlie the Wonder dog, who thinks cardboard boxes are the best toys ever.
  • I forgot to remind DiDi to take her pills on time, but DID remember to bring her some ice for her poor, swollen cheek.
  • I half listened to a football game on the telly, given that I'm a New Englander now, and it looks as if "we" are going to the Super Bowl.
  • I started running a much overdue backup of my laptop.
  • I began a load of laundry, which reminds me, I'd better go put it in the dryer...
After that I think it's time to have a glass of old vine Zinfandel (read "boxed red wine") and do some competitive research (read "look at picture books").

I hope your day was equally varied, interesting, and just a tad bit crazy.


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