On Changing Traditions

I've been scouring nearby towns for white Christmas tree lights. For some reason they are very difficult to find, and we are only half-way through December! The Christmas tree tradition I am used to, with my family of origin and the family I raised, was colored lights. But after some major life shifts, the old traditions are just too painful.

After a fruitless search, I settled for white icicle lights. I'll drape them and tuck them and do what I can to hide the fact that they weren't intended for a tree. And I'll use coordinated colors, gold and a turquoisey blue, something I've also never done before.

And it will be a good Christmas.



  1. When my mom left my dad, we suspended our multi-colored light tradition, too. Instead, we had an all white lighted Christmas tree. Minimal ornaments. Very tasteful, right? My grandfather from NYC came to visit, took one look and growled, "What the hell is this? You look like you live in a goddamn department store." Too much.

  2. I saw an all white tree from the 1970s at a thrift store the other day and was tempted to buy it. I know the colored ones like that are back, but this one was vintage; you could tell by the yellowing (which is one of the reasons I didn't actually get it!) I figured using a tree like that couldn't be much different from the past.

    This tree, assuming we can ever find enough white lights that actually work, might be less elegant than yours... I'll throw some vintage jewelry on it (of course) but otherwise it will be a touch matchy matchy given that we bought a big barrel of single-color ornaments from le boutique big box.

    Pictures no doubt to come. Either here or on FB.


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