Initial reviews of "The Cove Keeper"

My second picture book, The Cove Keeper, is ready to hit the pavement! I began submitting it today.

Initial critical reviews are very positive:

"Simply and truly done. A finely wrought spiritual conversation which is a pleasure to listen to and appealing to all ages and cultures."

"A tale with meaning for everyone today. A mixture of fable and faith, so right away the reader's reality transfers to a different world, more significant than the one he/she is standing in."

"Beautiful, lyrical, spiritual, well-crafted and subtle. Expands the bounds not only of Christian faith, but of culture. I loved this piece."

"Provokes the question: What role does fable play in our makeup?"

"Suzanne has a great gift for the mythic, and a very credible innocence. Genuine and deeply felt."

"A lovely, poignant tale, much needed at this time in our culture."



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