Monday, August 1, 2011

The importance of review...

I'm in the final drafts of my second picture book. While not centering on Wampanoag history, the main character is an American Indian girl and details of Wampanoag life and culture are included in the text and artwork (once it has been created). Because of this, I've asked Manitonquat (aka Medicine Story), a Wampanoag author, medicine man, and story teller, to review the book.

The book merges Wampanoag and Christian spirituality through the story of a girl who loves a beautiful cove on a New England shore, and becomes the keeper of it at the end of her life when she joins her ancestors. In the context of the story, it shows how Christian and American Indian views of creation, life after death, and other issues are perhaps not so very different.

Manitonquat is particularly suited for the task of review given his work promoting peace around the world. While my book is meant to be a story that will enchant and entertain children, its secondary goal is to reduce the distrust and superstition some Christians may feel toward forms of spirituality they don't understand.

I've received some preliminary feedback so far, but nothing detailed. Looking forward to more...

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