Missing list from Time Traveler's Wife

I just found the list on Google Books which I mentioned in a previous post! Yay!

Here it is, the list for which I see no real purpose. (Especially given that the dadgum book is about 550 pages long!)

The brown paper bags stand evenly lined up on the counter and Henry produces ketchup, chicken, Gouda cheese from them like a magician. I keep waiting for the rabbit and the silk scarves. Instead it's mushrooms, black beans, fettuccine, lettuce, a pineapple, skim milk, coffee, radishes, turnips, a rutabaga, oatmeal, butter, cottage cheese, rye bread, mayonnaise, eggs, razors, deodorant, Granny Smith apples, half and half, bagels, shrimp, cream cheese, Frosted Mini-Wheats, marinara sauce, frozen orange juice, carrots, condoms, sweet potatoes... condoms?

OK, so I get that she wanted to establish the surprise of the condoms, but it really could have been accomplished with either a shorter list, or one more interesting. The carrot/condom combination was not enough humor (and not good enough humor) to count as payoff.

So there. Found the list. Posted it. Now I can stop talking about it and simply remember not to do it.