Freedom and obedience

Yesterday afternoon I worked on character development scenes for my protagonist, and before beginning I prayed. I'm trying to remember to do so before starting any writing work. As I prayed I also thought about blogging about praying, and felt hesitation, wondering if revealing my faith could be a detriment to getting published. But then I heard "No more hiding."

Over the past years I've had to do a lot of covering up of my faith. My home was full of beloved atheists. My office was no place of prayer. My non-profit work would have been hampered by a public proclamation. In this past year of seismic shifts, my Abba keeps reminding me that I no longer have to hide it. That I'm no longer supposed to hide it.

So I step out in faith here and now, confessing with my fingers that He is my Lord. I dedicate every word that forms in my mind and passes through my hands to your eyes to His glory. And I leave the details of what He will do with it to Him.

This is peace and joy indeed.


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