Thursday, October 1, 2015

A first for me. A happy first.

Over the past spring and summer, Charlie made friends with a tribe of neighborhood youngsters.

I gave the eldest girl a copy of Rumplepimple a month or so ago when she and a friend came by on their bikes and stopped in the yard to say hello and receive his enthusiastic kisses. When I saw her a few weeks later and asked if she liked it, she beamed and nodded, and the friend accompanying her announced "She read it SEVEN times!"

Yesterday Charlie and I went for a walk. Three neighborhood kids ran toward us as they often do when we near their corner. The crew included two second graders and the fourth grader who'd received the book. When the trio arrived at where we stood waiting, bending down to greet the jiggling and jumping Rumplepimple, the younger girl piped up "I want a copy of Rumplepimple!". Not to be left out, the young lad cried "Me too!"

Charlie went through his usual wiggle, wag, jump, and kiss routine. The kids described the movie they were planning to make, featuring Halloween costumes and zombies. They detailed their plans while petting Charlie, and asking me questions.

"Did he really pee on that kid's shoe?"

"Did he really take that blanket?"

As we talked about the book, the fourth grader said "Oh, yeah, and my teacher loved it!" She continued on to say that he'd read it to the class.

That was a first for me. To have a child be so excited about a book I wrote that she wanted to take it to school was exciting enough. But to have a teacher read it to a group of kids?

It was a very happy first.


  1. I just want to say you are an idiot for abusing children with your pornographic filthy book. You should not be allowed near children and are a complete disgrace to your sister, your parents and God.

    ps you are man-hating filth, everyone hopes you change

    1. As Suzanne's stepmother, and as such, mother to the only two sisters I am aware she has, I can tell you she has BOTH of her ssisters' support and approval. I don't know who you are, Tech Crib, but please refrain from speaking for Suzanne's family.

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    3. @Cynthia: Thanks for the words of support! I think "Tech Crib" is actually referring to Diane's sister. His comment appeared shortly after this piece in HuffPost, in which I reference tensions with that sibling:

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  3. RE: What Jesus Said No Long Applies

    Suzanne, you clearly don't know the difference between ceremonial, civil and moral laws...the first two Jesus jettisoned, but the third, he elevated even higher...listen to Andy Stanley's Starting Point series and you will see how mistaken you are accusing evangelicals of "Bibleolotary." Andy re-enforces how faith is based on Resurrection...there were Christians long before Scripture, and there was Abraham long before any of the Big Three Monotheisms...Muslims still teach "works" salvation, Jews "part of the family," but Christianity is unique in "spiritual relationship" - saved by Faith... scenario...amazing Yahoo publishes articles such as yours which is covered in ignorance with no connection to factual reality.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Nikkou. Your point about three kinds of laws bears pondering. And praise God I am saved by faith, as my faith is huge.