Thursday, March 10, 2011

Impossibly early

A few months ago I dreamt that I was fleeing from danger and betrayal. It was winter. In flight, I jumped on a sled that sped down a steep, snow covered hill. I saw my face as the snow spray hit it and filled my open mouth. I don't remember watching my face while dreaming before. I saw it transform from animal fear to exhilaration as the ride continued. As the hill leveled out, a magical thing happened; strangely beautiful flowers appeared from the snow, growing as I watched. The cold, stark whiteness became enchanted. The plants themselves sparkled as they writhed into life.

It was beautiful. And reassuring.

Today is March 10. In upstate New York, that means it's still winter, and will be for weeks to come. Yesterday I noticed that the tree beside the driveway is in flower. The bare branches are covered with small yellow blossoms.

Impossibly early.

The signs are appearing.

I'll be leaving soon.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Template change

Crud. I just discovered a bug in my previous pretty template; the date of posts did not show up, though the time did. There were a few other inconveniences with the template, but I've liked the look and feel and finding a new one is a pain in the neck.


If you've been reading and are wondering what happened to the night skyline etc., now you know.

"Books I'm Reading" page

I added a new page to the site today, called "Books I'm Reading". Pretty self explanatory I think.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Working while recovering

My body has been struggling against pneumonia, and during periods of energy I've been trying to get a few things done. Luckily reading -has- been an option and so I've had C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength to fill my mind with interesting thoughts and periodically beautiful prose. Martha Grimes' Cold Flat Junction is also at my bedside, half read. I picked this piece back up to be inspired by her character development and first person point of view handling.

I've also been reading Writer's Digest articles on outlining strategies and other tools of the craft.

Plus while dozing, a character name popped into my head for the reluctant reader book which has been percolating for a few weeks.

I managed two submissions as well, so while I'm frustrated at functioning at a low ebb, I'm grateful for what has been accomplished. And I'm hopeful that I'm on the mend...