Mystery art beach

Two years ago I accidentally stumbled across a deserted stretch of beach in Newburyport, not far from Joppa Park and sniffing distance from the sewage treatment plant. It's a grungy place that you'd never expect would contain an art gallery.

But it does.

In this month's issue of Merrimack Valley Magazine, I had the honor of talking to three artists who create installations on that beach. Be sure to grab a copy to check out the article, but space is limited in the magazine, so here are a few more photos to give you an idea of the types of work you'll see if you visit the beach itself.

And while you're there, you might want to arrange your own collection of found materials for other wanderers to discover.

Photos courtesy of the author,  Jeff Esche & Rebecca Wish Esche, Valeria Gergo, and an artist who wishes to remain anonymous.


  1. The new Rail Trail will being thousands right by those rocks. Just across the street from our home of 40 years.

    1. Interesting! I wonder if that will change what happens there.


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