I made it!

Sample Hello Mommy illustration, created by the incredibly talented Carol L. Douglas.

I did it.

I made my self imposed deadline to get a Kickstarter project for Hello Mommy finished by March 1.

I submitted it at about 9:00PM last night, and am waiting for it to be reviewed for adherence to guidelines.

It's a rather arduous process, getting one of these projects set up. Or at least getting one up that you hope has a chance of success. There's a lot of thinking, and writing, and production work involved. I started on it months ago. DiDi and I brainstormed and researched, studied other projects and created budgets, planned rewards and played with video editing.

All that work eventually gets rolled in to a few screens, until finally the day comes when you cross your fingers and click submit.

And then you wait.

Creating a book is like birthing a baby, and in this case, the Kickstarter process is part of the labor.

Today, I'm recovering.