Charlie the Wonder Dog?

This is Charlie.

This is Charlie being cute. And naughty.

This is Charlie in an action shot.

Here's the point.

The other day we took Charles to an off-leash doggie park for "socialization" (i.e. the opportunity to romance dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and genders, and the chance to practice not peeing on human beings.)

He was all dressed up in his little navy blue fleece jacket, which I'd culled from the lost and found at work. Some poor toddler apparently left without it 6 months ago. It's embroidered with Vail on the left breast, which hints at Charlie being a wealthy outdoor adventurer.

Not that he needs the extra swagger.

Everyone loves Charlie. He's adorable. He can jump vertically. He runs like a maniac. He's sweet and cute and a bit crazed, and generally irresistible. We are used to hearing people get all bubbly about him.

But on this trip, one of his enthusiasts said something interesting. She said that Charlie ought to be the hero of his own children's book.


I should really finish up my reluctant reader before beginning this one.

Shouldn't I?



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