On picture books...

I've been feeling inspired to work on my second picture book, this one for an intermediate reader. The first book was a rhyming book for toddlers, this one tells a story inspired by a moonrise over a beautiful ocean cove in Washington state. Totally different in style, other than that they both have a sense of beauty and wonder centering around nature.

Last week I submitted the first book to 7 more publishers and agents. They say it is a numbers game, so I keep at it.

To illustrate or not to illustrate remains an open debate. I am so connected to the idea of what the pictures need to look like that leaving it to a publisher makes me nervous. DiDi introduced me to her brother-in-law the other day, a trained artist and all around interesting guy, and I sent the mockup to him this morning. We'll see whether or not it works out.

The next picture book is different. The illustrations will be necessary, but there is a lot more latitude because the story will carry itself. I won't be as anxious about it as I am with this one.

At least, I hope not...