Settled... mostly

It has been a month since my last post, and I am finally settled into a new/old apartment in New England with DiDi. It is in the oldest house on a small street (built in the early 1700's) in the center of the village. Every pine floor tilts and twists, making furniture positioning a challenge.

We created a small writing nook for me overlooking the street. Empty bookshelves wait to be filled. This morning, rain droplets surrealize the view. It is quiet, save for the hum and click of this machine. Stasia's breath next to the keyboard can't be heard. She leans against it and against my hand as I type. We have reached an agreement in this way; she wants my hands actively touching her, I want my hands actively typing. Compromise is required.

For the first time in my life, I am supremely, profoundly, peacefully happy. I am at peace. It is what I have always longed for; simple peace. Although living like a college student in too little space with very little money, I have finally achieved what I always wanted.


Simply peace.

An interesting cat, a public library three blocks away, the best of all possible friends, and peace.

I didn't expect it so soon. I'm still not sure why it was important to leave town before my son's graduation, when there were only a few months to go. My sole pain lies in the distance from him, and from my daughter who lives her own new life, across the country. But I walk in faith and trust that He has this in His hands, and that all will be reconciled eventually.

And so I wait, and rest, in peace.


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