Initial comments on "The Cookbook Collector"

I began reading The Cookbook Collector 2 days ago, a book that I've been hearing about for some months. So far I'm giving it 2.5 pens out of 5 (pens being stars in my rating system.) I like the concept, but the diffusion of focus across 3 characters is a weak point for me. I'm on page 87 and haven't figured out who the protagonist is yet. The character I have the most sympathy for and interest in is undoubtedly not it.

One part I do like is the timeframe. It's set in the late 1990's, bust. I've been trying to figure out when to set the novel I'm working on, and have been thinking about roughly the same timeframe.

There's been no mention of cookbooks yet. Frustrating given that I'm a cookbook junkie. Am trying to be patient though, certain that cookbooks come to those who wait.