Allegra Goodman comes through

I still don't get why Ms. Goodman cluttered up The Cookbook Collector with so much extraneous story, all the intricate details of boom and bust in particular, but this morning the effort to get to Chapter 22 was vindicated. In a single chapter all was rewarded.

Before that there were occasional tantalizing snippets but they were presented meagerly. Without them I would have given up altogether, but if there had been a few more I would have turned pages eagerly in hope of finding the next one on the next page. I'm guessing she used this as a device, but if so, she walked a dangerous line, particularly for someone who has a sizeable stack of unread library books wafting promise from the bedside.

Thank goodness for Chapter 22.


  1. whatever "it" was it continued to read and are now entertaining the reward of the invitation.Now may the music begin to play.Perhaps her invitation at first was only a glance from across the room,now it is an extended hand.enjoy!


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